Some of you may know me from my last blog but Allow me to reintroduce myself . I'm Abigail Charles but to some of you may know me as Culture Misfit . For those who don't know me I had a another blog before this , I took some time out to revamp the blog and take it into a new direction. Someone of the things I will post on this on here will be event recaps , outfit of the week , make up videos , misfit activities. I'm coming back full force. I hope you guys are up for I have in store for you. Now let us get down to business. *rubs hands together like mafia boss*

As for my first style post I decided to go for a chic look. Let's think a day in Paris for a nice visual. I don’t usual do long skirts due to the fact that I'm 5'2. But I am about taking risk and I refuse to let my height get in the way of that. You have to admit it came out pretty cute. As for any other short people reading this don’t be afraid of trying something because of your height. ( Little motivation for my shorties out there) Now where was I? Ahhh ! A day in Paris. Imagine being in France walking around exploring the unknown and you run into this coffee shop that just look desirable. You decide to take a break and grab a cappuccino and enjoy the view. Now how's that for a visual  inspiration.  Now that we have that in mind you can see where this outfit was inspired from. I always dream to visit France. As for my outfit I went with a long skirt and a simple white crop top.  I wanted the skirt and the red to be the main focus of my outfit. Oddly enough , I do believe that my hat and lip purse out shined everything.  By the way, I'm selling items out of my closet so be sure to check that out. Comment below to let me know what you think out this first look

Hat, Top, Bag  : H&M  -  Skirt : Sirens -  Shoes: Forever 21

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