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Alright listen , I know its been a minute since I last posted but your girl had to get her head on right. It's been a bit rough for this little pisces. Don't worry I am good guys. I missed you all to be honest. Enough with all that mushy stuff.

Let's get into the fashion! Because that's what y'all came here for! If you know me then you know I love the color purple and masculine cut blazers. So to find both of these things in one #blessing! Can I get a "yasssss" to this blazer? I feel that masculine cut pieces can give you more to work with. Now that is just a personal thought.

Let's check out this look.

This look is loud but very simple at the same time. The blazer and the belt is really what makes this outfit. Although, when I think of putting yellow and purple together I get Lakers vibes but here I don't feel that at all. You have the perfect balance in the colors. The preset does help the situation but that's not a big play. You feel me. Now I could have just rocked this look without so many necklaces but I was inspired by my best friend to try this layering of the jewelry trend. Normally my go to is just a choker. NEVER FAILS ME!

Of course I still added a choker made my yours truly. ( Buy this choker ) The other two necklaces are pick ups from Forever21. Forgive I don't have the exact link for them. I promise to work on that. Moving on to this must have boot. If you don't have a pair of white boots in you closet you need to stop reading this post and go hunting. you legit can rock these with anything. I might be bias  in this opinion because I love boots. Over all this look is great for a GNO , Fashion show or just to show out in public because you are 100% that b*tch! Ha but enjoy the rest of these pictures.

See you guys in my next post!


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