Here we are on this fierce Friday with another style post. Today’s look was inspire by girls that have an androgyny look to them. You guys may or may not know what an androgyny look is. Androgyny is mixture of feminine and masculine characteristics. In the fashion world, it’s basically when a female can pull off a masculine look and a male can pull off a feminine look. Interesting? (Vocabulary lessons with Misfit) I find it powerful when someone can take both gender looks. The sky is the limit for them. Back to the subject at hand! This look has an Aaliyah tomboy vibe to it. I felt like one of those bad kids from like those 80’s like Breakfast Club. (One of my favorite movie) I wanted to show you guys a look that both men and woman can do. You will notice I literally wear anything from men’s to children’s clothes. You shouldn’t only stick within your gender of clothes. Learn to think outside of the box you know never know what you might come up with. On that note, I will see you guys next Friday. Comment below and let me know what you think of this week’s look.

(The hat was a gift from my younger brother)

Top, Pants, And Accessories all from H&M

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