Hello and Welcome beautiful people. We are back with another look. we shall not talk about my absence just know I've been around. Back to the regular degular program. I am here to bring you a little taste of New York to you. Let's face it big baggy clothes are back in style. Can someone say early 2000s? If your tiny like me it can work in your favor or look like your clothes are swallowing you whole. Which could also be a look; but to each it's own on that department. Now ladies you can never go wrong with an oversized jacket or your boyfriend's jacket. Temporarily borrowing right? Oversized jackets can be worn as a jacket or a dress same goes for oversized blazers. We need to have versatility with our pieces. No piece just does one thing. I hope we are taking notes here. Now most of my pieces in this look are thrifted from L Train Vintage excepted for my turtleneck which is from Splendid. If you are ever in New York please go to L Train Vintage they are the plug for thrift shopping. Their price points are amazing and there is just so much to look through. Thank me later. This is coming from a bargain shopper so trust me people. I purchased the bomber for about 20$ if I'm not mistaken. * forgive me it was purchased over a year ago* The pants were only 6 bucks and they had a plethora of camo pants. Shoes are from goodwill I did get lucky with those. I am in the works of vlogging while I thrift so you guys can see how my process is. May take a minute with this whole quarantine situation going on but we will make it work. Now enjoy the look you sexy beast. Ill be back with another one. Oh and don't forget to subscribe and follow me on IG so you done miss a beat.

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