I never thought I would start blogging again. I stopped for so many reasons. One being that I was falling into this carbon copy version of a blogger and not being me. From the constant reviews and the carbon copy aesthetic Instagram. For me, the material I was producing was washed out. Nothing felt authentic anymore. Another thing that really pushed me over the edge was the collaboration I did with one company. I am naturally an artist. So when a company comes to me for a collaboration I putting a whole visual together for whatever product they throw at me. This one company which some of you may know as BootayBag emailed to me to do a collaboration. Now at the time if you looked at my Instagram you could tell I what kind of work you would get from me if we collaborate . *vogue material(shade)* Bootay Bag approached me and I was so excited. I had put this whole concept together for the underwear and posted it. It got so much good feedback which is what was nervous about. If you followed me back then you know exactly which shoot this is.(I will post it on Instagram again. look out for my insta story) The post was getting great feedback and so I'm thinking oh my gosh I can't wait for them to see they are going to love it and post it on their IG. I thought wrong my good friends. These people commented on my post 3 little hearts and emailed me basically saying "we saw your post thanks". That was it they didn't repost or tell me what they think. I was hurt because I put in all that work for a brand that would just rather have influencers take selfie with the product in there hands. Thats what I call mediocre work. Now I could go on about how I felt and all this stuff but lets just say that was a turning point in my blogging life. I didn't want to work with companies I felt like they didn't really look at the people they were reaching out to. After that saga I started slow down on the blogging. In between all of that I was dealing with a lot. There were three deaths in my family that I hadn't really coped with. I was switching jobs. My finances were all over the place.

My relationship was on the rocks. I wasn't feeling like myself anymore. I felt that I lost sight of a lot of things in my life. Between my relationship and work then also moving around I couldn't keep up. With all this happening an opportunity arises. One simple congrats on the house phone call turned into "Well if you want to move up here you can". After that I everything started to fall apart in my eyes but really it was just pushing me out of Orlando faster than I wanted to. We won't go into the details of it but just know the universe has a funny way of pushing you. That was it before I could blink I was driving to Massachusetts by myself starting the next chapter of my life. Your girl got busy when she came up here. I am back in school, found a job I love, and live 3 hours from New York my favorite city. What more can a misfit ask for? Well * puzzled face* Haha! The point is I took a hiatus for many reasons but I missed creating and sharing it with you all. Now I have my life back. I've learned to love myself and life a little bit more; I am ready to come back and do what I do best create and not follow the rules! Duh!



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