Hotline Bling

Life has a funny way of switching up on you. Right now I'm at odd point in my life where things could go really bad or really good. I don't really know what to do but I'm doing what I can at this point. One decision I can make is what to wear. Since its been getting really cold and my lovely boyfriend got me this jacket, I figured why not take the opportunity to wear my Christmas gift. I fell in love with this jacket. I was obsessed with it so I had planned on buying it myself. Then life happen and I never went back for the jacket. From time to time I did talk about the jacket with my boyfriend. So for Christmas he surprised me with the jacket. I'm happy to say that I have this wonderful piece added to my collection. Lucky for me its cold in the 305 so I'm taking advantage. Florida has the tendency to hinder my fashion choices.

Jacket - Banana Republic / Shoes - Puma

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