Lost in Paradise

Welcome back for another fashionable Friday. Since summer is right around the corner I decided to a beach theme. Its only because I do live in the sunshine state. For today's look I went with lovely bathing suit from H&M. I absolutely love this top, the colors are just beautiful. To me the top had a boho/free spirit feel which I love. To go along with this theme I went with some ripped high-waisted shorts and feather hair clips. Now I know don’t have the perfect beach body like a model but there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether you are a size 0 or 12. Beauty is beauty at the end of the day. If you feel confident with how you look who cares what everyone else thinks. So I guess what my message to you to learn to love yourself no matter what. If you're not happy with something change it. Moving on to the future, I am going to do a few more beach looks for the summer. Feel free to comment about this weeks look.

Bathing Suit  - H&M   Shorts - Maddrags

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