Good Morning Misfits! I want to introduce you guys to this movement I came across n.A.F.b.DOPE which stays for never apologize for being dope. This was created by 25 year old Phly also known as LordPhly on Instagram. I was fortunate enough to talk with him about this movement. Now n.A.F.b.DOPE is about not apologizing for being who you are. Now you guys know I am all for being different and expressing yourself any way you feel is right. So when I came across this I immediately was curious as to what this was. Phly is try to spread the message that you should be who you are and don’t question it. It doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about it that’s their opinion you don’t need to apologize for the way you are. I love this message because a lot of people feel the need to fall in to this stereotype and be someone they aren't. So I would like to applaud Phly for spreading this message. Now what I would like you guys to do is tell me what you guy won't apologize for. Post a picture on Instagram and hashtag n.A.F.b.DOPE and LordPhly. Be creative with this just be sure to #n.A.F.b.DOPE and tag LordPhly so he sees it. Let’s spread the word guys!

Here's mine. I won't apologize for how I dress. As a fashion lover how I dress is how I express myself. Why should I hide that from the world?


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