Orlando Pride

I am deeply sad that I couldn't go to Pride week in Orlando. I had planned for it but I couldn't get that week off due to seniority which is fair. Am I a little salty about it yes it would have been my first pride week that I attended but maybe next year. Now in honor of Orlando Pride week I shot with my new Burberry rainbow coat. This coat is quite obnoxious and is also not my size but who cares. Enjoy the fashion !

What is pride? For my clueless readers, Pride is about self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and shedding all the light on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) people as a social group. Pride is celebrating the LGBTQ community But that doesn’t mean if you are straight you can’t enjoy the fun. If anything you should be out there in your rainbow ensemble embracing the beauty of this culture. Pride is about spreading the love. Meaning it doesn’t matter who you love whether your a woman that love a woman or Man that loves a transgender or transgender that love a women. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you embrace it and your shameless about it. I have a lot of gay friend and I love each of them to pieces. I love how shameless they are. They remind all the time “ Girl just focus on you and do you”. Let me tell you something they practice what they preach. Pride is about is about that! Its about coming out of that shell and owning it . Now there is a lot of history about this event such as Stonewall. If you don’t know about it look it up and educate yourself. I’m not a history teacher Haha. Sorry not sorry . Pride is a beautiful celebration. I encourage anyone in the Orlando area to join in on the fun. If you miss it find out where the next pride week is or just wait for pride month next year. One time for the LBGTQ community! Keep making history! Also enjoy the fashion tribute below!

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XO, Misfit


Coat : Burberry

Top : Forever21

Jeans : Levi’s

Shoes : Forever21

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