Let me tell you guys a little story. So you guys may not know but I'm legit in love with Rihanna. Navy until the death of me. So you know she released the Puma Creepers. Me being the fan that I am I drooled over these shoes for months. I literally drove my boyfriend crazy talking about them. God bless him for dealing with me. The second set got released and I just had to have them in life. Pay day came and guess who was running to Nordstorm Friday afternoon?  This girl was ! Nordstorm was the only one with my size shockingly. Then again who really shops there other than people with money. Once I got my shoes I swear I was high off life. Now here's the thing if you know me I'm a bargain shopper. Once in a while you will see me buy things full price because I really need it or I really like the item. Basically the point is I got what I wanted on my own. You want something go get it !

Puma - Nordstrom / Pants - Target / Top - H&M

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