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This is a risky one guys .........

Guys , sorry I've been missing in action for quite a long time. I've been busy with life basically. Between looking for a new place and work I've been so tired. Let us not add all the other things I've been doing. Besides all that I'm happy to be back in the groove of things. Today I want to talking about loving yourself. Many of us fail to find that love for ourselves instead we look for love from others. Some of you may have heard the saying "you need to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else.". This is something that is hard to do I can honestly say. Over the years I've struggled with self love. I didn't always like how I look. I felt fat and that i should be thinner. After a while I realize that I'm a goddess in a new form. I didn't need any magazine or guy to tell me I was. Now I didn't just wake up and realize it. I simply just started spending more time alone getting to know myself more. Now my message to you guys is to love yourself in every aspect. It doesn't matter if your big , small , short , tall  everyone is beautiful in there own way.

*SideNote: I'm not posting these to get attention but i do know it will cause attention to myself. I'm showing you guys that you don't need to but a toothpick to be sexy. Confidence is sexy! Now strut your stuff!*

Jacket - J.Crew / Calvin Klein Set - Urban Outfitters

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