The Breakfast Club

Here we are again on this fierce Friday morning with another style file. I decided to post my outfit from the interview I did with Cory Malo. For this outfit I went with a mix of goth vintage chick. (worked out quite well if you ask me) You guys may not know but my favorite movie behind Lion King is The Breakfast Club. (hint ! The top) Top 80s movie in my book it really does get into the whole high school social class. I wish they did a sequel of what happens Monday morning when they see each other. Unfortunately that will never happen. (a woman can dream can't she?) Back to my fit, So I went with The Breakfast Club tee and washed jean skirt from H&M. Topped it off with some aqua item, my thrifted belt and new J.Crew sweater. I have to admit aqua was an odd color to pick but I had been wanting to wear that belt for the longest time. (Never found an outfit to go with it *shaking my head*) Now you're probably more or less curious about my lipstick choice. Any matte lovers will be happy to know that this was a lip tar from OCC a.k.a Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I absolutely love their lip tars. Maybe I'll do a beauty post on their product. We shall see what the future holds. Let me know what you guys think and if you have a request don’t be afraid to comment.

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Sweater - J.Crew / Skirt - H&M / Top - Hot Topic

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