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Well hello and welcome back guys. I am here with some awesome looks for you guys. If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I did a photoshoot for the designer Emmy Ember ( IG @emmyember ) for her sustainable fashion brand. Well the photographer for the shoot had actually reached out to me for the shoot. Well I had such ball that day that we made plans to link up and get creative. The photographer is Annie and she owns a vintage clothing shop called Top Shelf Vintage (IG @TopShelfVintageCo) in Pawtucket RI. Let me tell you something, this shop has a lot dope pieces to die for. I purchased the whole outfit we shot. If that doesn't say something then I don't know what will. Back to Annie she is such a babe. I love her! Hit her up to shoot guys because she is just too cool for school. For the shoot we did four different looks and let just say Annie and I had a ball. These pieces are a mixture of my personal closet and Top Shelf vintage items. Majored of the pieces from my closet are thrifted.Here is the magic we created . Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Look 1

For this first look Annie and I went for a edgy but funky look. Mixing a lot of patterns together and actually came out pretty dope if you ask me. As you can see we couldn't decide on bags so we shot with both. Serving you chic and sport with the same look. How is that for options?

Hat - Target / Top - Thrasher /Suede Skirt - Salvation Army / Boots - Forever 21 / Checked bum bag - Urban Outfitters / Orange bag - Stuck in the Nineties Vintage

Look 2

This is one of my favorite looks out of the 4 that we did! Annie had picked that bottom and top out but I just loved it so much that I brought the whole look after the shoot. The trouser are a plaid like print along with the beret. This look is serving you chic all day with a little bit of edgy when you add the leather jacket. Don't you just love it?

Hat - H&M / Top & Bottom - Top Shelf Vintage / Boots - Forever 21 / Jacket - Forever 21

Look 3

Is anyone getting a Miami Vice vibes? Because I totally am! This look is simple but says a lot with that 80's patterned shirt. I have huge love for vintage printed blouses. I nailed this baby at Salvation Army for 2 bucks and it was Wednesday so I got 50% off everything. Let just say I went in on Wednesday! Anyway back to the serving..... We are give you relaxed but sex appeal.

Top and Bottom - Salvation Army / Boots - Forever21

Look 4

Last but not least my favorite look of them all! This look was a little risky with me not having a top and all. Haha! I was channelling my sexy and chic vibes all the way. I don't normally wear brown cause I am brown but fashion is about breaking out of your norm and taking risk. So Annie and I went for it and adding the red was the perfect touch. Honestly when in doubt add a pop of red to your look. You would be surprised what it will do for you. even if its just red lipstick. I am really proud of this look and how Vogue these pictures came out.

Hat & Boots - Forever 21 / Suit set - Salvation Army but it is a Talbots suit

There you have it guys 4 vintage picked looks captured by my babe Annie. I had a ball shooting and creating these looks. If you guys like the vintage looks comment below and let me know what you think. Don't forget to shop at Top Shelf Vintage! Oh and yes you can shop online with them. Click the Top Shelf Vintage to check them out. Catch you guys in my next post.

XO, Misfit

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